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Being baptised yourself or having your child baptised is fundamentally a statement of Christian faith.
The ceremony (sacrament) of baptism is clear on this point and publically calls on parents and godparents (where children are concerned) to make professions of Christian faith. It is, therefore, to be considered carefully.
At All Saints’ we are happy to discuss this important service.
Make time to attend a 9 a.m. morning service at All Saints’ where you will meet 
Rev. David West or call him on 9327 1468 or email him at to make an appointment. Further information for parents and a godparents may be found by clicking on – Baptism Information for Parents.

Adult Baptism

If you have come to trust in God through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ then the Bible tells us that the next important step is to be baptised.
The pattern that the New Testament shows is for those who have turned to God in trust and faith through Jesus Christ to be baptised which speaks of the new birth that God provides for us in Jesus who washes away our sins.
At All Saints’ we suggest a variety of ways that people can prepare for this important and life changing event  which will include regular church attendance as well as completing one of the short courses that we offer such as Alpha or one of our Monday Evening Bible Study intensives.
For additional information please speak to Rev David West after church or email him at